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To calculate a cultivation plan in tomato cultivation, the cultivation planning model QMS Tomato from Delphy is used. The model is used by consultants and growers to calculate the optimal cultivation plan based on the entrepreneur’s objectives and provides annual planning (strategic) and weekly adjustment (tactical).

Strategic annual planning

First of all, company-specific matters are entered, such as location, greenhouse specifications, variety and start & end date of the cultivation. The program then calculates the expected crop development and production of the crop at weekly level, based on the long-term average climate and the cultivation principles chosen by the user. Based on this, the program calculates the weekly light requirement of the crop and compares this with how much (natural and artificial) light will be available in the greenhouse. The difference between light demand and supply of light provides a handle for adjusting the chosen scenario until the most optimal scenario has been put together.
This basic planning can then be optimized by adjusting plant densities, start & end dates of cultivation, lighting, temperature, CO2 concentration and the pruning strategy.

Tactical weekly planning

When cultivation has started, the cultivation strategy in the “adaptive strategy” is adjusted weekly by entering realized climate data and crop development. The planning is updated weekly with actual realized data and based on this, adjustments can be made for the coming week or weeks. After all, current climate conditions can deviate (significantly) from a long-term average and require related crop measures. In this way, substantiated choices can be made about the cultivation strategy throughout the year.

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