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GreenFarming – Kenya

Project-manager: Arnoud van Boven

GreenFarming is a Dutch programme that connects horticultural networks in the Netherlands and Kenya. This is achieved by creating joint activities, projects and co-operations in the areas of research, development and production. All GreenFarming activities are related to one or more of the five main themes of the programme; water-management, crop-management, climate and energy, post-harvest and logistics, research and knowledge exchange.

HortIMPACT – Kenya

Project-manager: Lisette Bakker

HortIMPACT contributes to increased food security and increased incomes through the development of a dynamic and sustainable horticulture sector in Kenya inclusive of small and medium sized farmers. Prioritised, critical issues that will be addressed by hortIMPACT are related to: 1) Inclusion of small and medium sized farmers in market oriented supply chains; 2) Food safety and integrated crop protection; 3) Food losses and efficiency in the supply chains.

Capacity Building Gauteng – South-Africa

Project-manager: Lisette Bakker, Herbert Stolker 

The program aims to create a sustainable knowledge infrastructure on horticulture; 1) where theory and practice are linked (again); 2) which enables black emerging farmers and/or students to successfully start up horticultural activities; 3) with a focus on productivity, sustainability and profitability; 4) which includes besides traditional schooling in practical training centers and coaching on the job.

Strengthening educational institutes in providing capacity building services for sustainable agricultural development in Rwanda. (NICHE II) – Rwanda

Project-manager: Lisette Bakker

The project objective is to achieve sustained food security in Rwanda through a step by step Value Chain development strategy. A more practice oriented and demand driven education and research in Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training institutions shall lead to a competent workforce and improved extension services to benefit government, private sector, agribusiness, agri-services industry and Farmer Support Organisations.

Sustainable & effective Crop-management (TMT) – Oeganda

Project-manager: Lisette Bakker

The project objective is to support the realisation of a high quality crop production in a controlled (if possible) environment. In order to produce the highest quality possible, agricultural technologies conducive to the domestic cultivation conditions (soil, water & climate) are used. The project aims to transfer knowledge and technology among Uganda Tropical Plants Association’ members as well as co-farmers via a tailor-made training program.

Growing Solutions Kenya – Kenya

Project-manager: Arnoud van Boven

Through Green Farming a consortium of leading Dutch greenhouse technology suppliers is implementing the Growing Solutions Kenya programme.

The main aim of Growing Solutions is to contribute to the improvement of living standards of small and medium sized Kenyan vegetable growers. Through the program Dutch horticulture knowledge and technology will come available for the benefit of local growers. Core of the programme is:

  • to demonstrate greenhouse technology adapted to local production conditions
  • supported by extensive knowledge transfer and capacity building.

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