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    Aardbeienteelt in de vollegrond
    (€ 30,- excl. 9% BTW)

    Aardbeienteelt op substraat/overzicht stellingenteelt
    (€ 45,- excl. 9% BTW)

    Teelttechniek glasaardbei
    (€ 35,- excl. 9% BTW)

    Opkweek trayplanten Aardbeien
    (€ 25,- excl. 21% BTW)

    Meerwaarde van CO2 in de teelt van aardbeien
    (€ 25,- excl. 21% BTW)

    Stekopkweek aardbeien onder glas
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    Einde herfstteelt/winterrust aardbeien
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    Start herfstteelt (glas) aardbeien
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    Voorjaarsplanting aardbeien: Forceren vroege stookteelt (deel 1)
    (€ 15,- excl. 21% BTW)

    Voorjaarsplanting aardbeien: Forceren vroege stookteelt (deel 2)
    (€ 15,- excl. 21% BTW)

    Demonstratie stellingenteelt aardbeien (8-2-2002)
    (€ 10,- excl. 21% BTW)

    Aspergeteelt in de vollegrond
    (€ 25,- excl. 9% BTW)

    Asperges forceren rijenteelt
    (€ 25,- excl. 9% BTW)

    Teelthandleiding Framboos
    (€ 30,- excl. 21% BTW)

    Metselbijen uitzetten in de fruitteelt
    (€ 10,- excl. 21% BTW)

    Computerised Environmental Control in Greenhouses
    (€ 105,- excl. 9% BTW)

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    • Chapter 1 Introduction
    • Chapter 2 The psychical aspects of environmental control
    • The Mollier diagram
    • Light and radiation
    • Chapter 3 Physiology
    • Growth of a plant
    • Cell division and elongation
    • Photosythesis and respiration
    • Water relations in the plant
    • Chapter 4 Technology
    • Correcting and measuring equipment
    • Chapter 5 Control technology
    • General principles and models
    • Corrective equipment
    • Control of Ventilation, Integral, PL, Heating
    • Chapter 6 Greenhouse environment
    • Calculated environment
    • Chapter 7 Models – heat flux and water vapour flow
    • Influences and examples
    • Glossary of terms
    • Metric conversion tables
    Cover Computerised Environmental Control in Greenhouses
    This book has already found its way to many professional users worldwide. It serves the user with its step-by-step approach in explaining the application of computerised control of climate as an important management tool in Greenhouses. Knowledge is what makes the difference in modern horticulture, whether it concerns technology or general management. The fast and countless developments in the whole chain of horticulture require a continuously upgrading of your knowledge to stay ahead. Our greenhouse facility in Bleiswijk perfectly demonstrates the practical applications presented in this book. It enables you to become one of these leaders by providing practically-oriented, customised training programs which are conform your needs and last from two days to two months.Please contact us to join one of our courses in Bleiswijk or let us we our expertise to your location. For more information mailto:

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