Subsidiairy Delphy Poland

Subsidiairy Delphy Poland specializes in customized expertise and guidance for our clients in the horticultural industry in Poland. The team consists of experts in greenhouse vegetable industry as well as open field vegetables and soft fruit.

Subsidiairy Delphy Poland implements knowledge in all areas of cultivation:

  • Advising growers, farmers and breeders
  • Implementing new cultivation concepts
  • Providing (customized) trainings
  • Developing turnkey projects and executes them
  • Taking responsibility for operational management

Our experts are independent professionals with leading knowledge and expertise to offer each client the best individual solutions thus guiding clients to realizing their ambitions.

Greenhouse Vegetables

Tomasz Krasowski mobile: +48 604 559 844

Michał Szymczak mobile: +48 691 717 902

Soft fruits

Mariusz Padewski mobile: +48 510 445 396

Krzysztof Żabówka mobile: +48 789 060 663

Open field Vegetables

Emiel Kamminga