Team Mushrooms

Mushroom training, consultancy and projects

Delphy Mushrooms: your partner for broad support in mushroom cultivation



Delphy Mushrooms provides as successor of “The Dutch Mushroom School” courses for beginners and advanced in the field of composting and mushroom cultivation. Examples are the world-wide known international Short Courses on composting, Mushroom Growing and Edible Mushrooms (Shiitake, Pleurotus, Eryngii, Nameko). In addition increasingly courses on specific disciplines of mushroom cultivation are given, like the international Themedays.

To the sector related supplying companies or stakeholders Delphy Mushrooms provides introductory courses and sessions. All international courses in the Netherlands can also be supplied on location abroad. The latter has the advantage that the opportunities can be tuned to the local situation.


Delphy Mushrooms advises companies in the mushroom sector with regard to problems in the field of composting, growing, climate and energy, with the aim of optimization of production and quality. Also in new construction, extension or renovation we are helpful in determining the best possibilities. Examples include the drafting of requirements in respect of construction, air handling installation, air distribution and assessing on quotes.

Maintenance, organization and staff awareness to harvest are of great importance for the control of diseases and pests. Through the implementation of a hygiene check we help you to describe your strengths and weaknesses related to the prevention of diseases and pests.


Delphy Mushrooms initiates and participates in energy technical and cultivation projects. Known are the “energy efficient climate modules” which are co-developed by Delphy Mushrooms. The cultivation possibilities of bedcooling/heating are currently being examined in a practice network. In the project “Climate neutral Mushrooms” Delphy Mushrooms has an important role with regard to all project-based and energy technical aspects, including the realisation of a Spend Mushroom Compost combustor installation

Informing the industry about the potential of clean and crop protection free cultivation has already paid off by a significantly lower crop protection usage.